About Us

We offer a platform for critical, constructive and divergent comment in the different spheres including business, politics and public affairs, culture, the environment, health and education. We have moved in recent years from being a newspaper of record to a newspaper of reference.

We cautiously and accurately quote our sources, but we do not accept their request to review copies before publication. We will never compromise or disclose sources that have been disclosed to us. Whether we face prisons, fines or other pressures, we will stick to this principle.

Most importantly, we are committed to accuracy; the most important test for our profession. Of course, we recognize that journalism operates in an environment driven by deadlines, in which errors can occur and can happen. error. When we make a mistake, we say so. Readers can contact representatives of the editorial department to take action on their behalf-seeking corrections or clarifications, or explaining why no appropriate guarantees are made.